About the Project

In 2012, the Melbourne Ice will attempt a ‘three-peat,’ in their 10 year anniversary season with the Australian Ice Hockey league.
To celebrate they will open their doors to viewers in an unrestricted, all access and intimate Documentary.

The documentary covers the opening puck drop of training camp and team selection through to the grand final weekend held in the first weekend of September in and uncensored, intimate and often confronting way.

As well as documenting the many ups and downs of the season the documentary delves into the psyche the players who sacrifice their ‘real’ lives for the love of Hockey, the characters within the club and the organisation that support them, the fanatic fan base that fills The IceHouse to capacity for every week and the struggle of the sport itself to emerge from the underground and force itself into the mainstream.

With 6 x 30 minutes episodes the documentary series from Two Taps Productions aims to place the viewer on the ice and amongst the action.

Article 1: www.smh.com.au
Article 2: www.theaihl.com